Basic Care For Leather Bags

Leather bags are a widely used fashion accessory. There is a wide variety of leather bags available in the market.
Leather handbag manufacturers and other handbag manufacturers use a variety of materials in making handbags. In order to ensure the leather bag lasts long, there are some factors that should be kept in mind. It is essential to understand the different types of leathers available in the market, their properties and the precautions that need to be taken to prevent the leather from deteriorating.

•The types of leather used in making bags are:

1.Cowhide leather

As the name suggest, cowhide leather originates from the skin of cows. This is considered to be the highest quality of leather available in the market. It is a favorite among many a handbag manufacturer and possesses a distinct luxurious appeal.

2. Faux Leather

This is not genuine leather but is often mistaken for it. Many leather bags that are considered to be manufactured with genuine leather are actually made of faux leather. It may seem just as high quality as cowhide leather. However, it is a very durable variety of leather. One way to identify faux leather is the absence of any deformities or creases.

Faux Leather bags

3. Lambskin Leather

As the name suggests, Lambskin leather is made of the skin of sheep. This leather is particularly liked for its soft texture. However, this type of leather may not be durable as it is likely to be deformed or torn easily. It is not a good choice for leather handbags manufacturers and handbag manufacturers and cowhide leather proves to be a much better alternative.

Lambskin leather bags

4. Patch Leather

This leather can be a mix of cowhide leather or lambskin leather. It is more economical than other types of leather available in the market. It can be as high quality as cowhide leather, however, leather hand bags manufacturers and other handbags manufacturer do not prefer this variety of leather.

leather patches

• Caring for Leather Handbags:

1.  It must be remembered that leather should never be place in direct sunlight. The effect of sunlight on leather can be adverse as it may lead to the drying up of the leather. It may also cause it to fade or crack.
2.  When cleaning the leather bag, avoid using colored or dyed sponges and go for a natural sponge as the dye or color may rub off the sponge.
3.  Exposing the leather bag to an atmosphere of excessive moisture may prove hazardous for the quality of the handbag as it may damage the skin of the handbag.
4.  Care must be observed to avoid the use of harsh or abrasive cleaners on the handbag as they may damage to the surface of the handbag.
5.   Avoid using any kind of oils on the surface of the leather bag. Oils or polishes like mink oil or other wax containing products may damage the leather or lend a sticky feel to it.
6.  It is not advisable to use alcohol, varnish, saddle soap or other ammonia based cleaners or bleach as they may be too harsh for the leather and may end up discoloring or damaging it.
7.  The use of baby wipes on the surface of the leather bag should be avoided at all costs as it may hamper the finish.
8.  Professional help should be sought in case of any ambiguity regarding the proper way and tools for cleaning the leather.
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