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Bangles are the ultimate upgrade. They can turn your ordinary outfits into WOW outfits. Get to know how you can style your bangles.

Bangle Online

Bangles are traditional Indian accessories. They, unlike bracelets, do not come with a clasp. They are rigid circlets. They come in a variety of materials- shining metals, plastic, fabric, translucent glass or crystals and the list is endless. Plastic bangles are the most popular among Indians. They are cost effective, comfortable and affordable.

If you want to spice up your regular wearing style then you can break up the rut by mixing a few bracelets. Break that store-bought bangle set and add funky bracelets to bring an indo-western vibe to your look. Another way is to taper down. Find a foundation bangle and then build around it. Note the features of that bangle. If it is wooden bangle, then you can have a few ivory bracelets, a few other bangles in earthy tones. If it is a gold or golden plated bangle, then you can mix a few silver bangles or bracelets and sport the mixing metals trend. You can also go for monochromatic bangle stacking (mixing bangles of colors that fit around the same color family) or stacking different textured bangles. Pick a theme and then wear bangles based on that theme. If you are going ethnic, then funky beaded bangles would look out of place, same way a simple and sleek bracelet for a pretty jazzed up event can make you look a little undressed. So pick the bangles according to the occasion. Also, a cool way to spruce up is to keep an eye-catching, edgy cuff bracelet as your base and wearing thin metal bangles with it.

Bangles Online Store

If you are busy professional or a homemaker who is always on the run and hardly get time for yourself, then you shop for bangles online. There are innumerable online shopping jewelry websites. One such bangles online store is Blingstation from where you can buy designer fashion bangles at amazing deals and great discounts. Not only this, you can find a wide assortment of fashion accessories.

Tiny baubles and trinkets can be stored by hanging them pretty on hooks or keeping them on vintage china dishes but bangles can take up a lot of space. If you do not have a bangle box then don’t sweat. There are a lot of DIY ways where you can store your bangles. For example- you can store your bangles on candlesticks or used bottles. That way you can use up the things that you don’t feel like throwing.

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