Astounding day-to-day hacks no one ever told you!

There are a lot of things which happens with us in our day to day life, though there are easy hacks for the issues we face in our day to day life. But non of us are aware of the hacks. Like getting a stain on our tee and we know that we cannot get rid of these stains then there are some amazing hacks which you may follow in order to get rid of those ugly strains. So, here are ton of hacks that will help you clean, upgrade, and organize your wardrobe, I did some digging to come up with hacks you’ve probably never heard before. But don’t let the fact they’re new to you cause doubt; these tricks are totally a game-changer. From how to use vodka in your closet to the genius way to wash silk at home, there are all the useful hacks which you ought to know right away. We should use these helpful hacks in our day to day life and I am sure you will thank me later for this. So have a look here people:

If you have makeup strains on your cloths accidently and are unable to remove those strains, then don’t worry grab one baby wipe and gently rub on the area it will come off in a jiffy.

You can use beer to clean your gold jewelry, yes take a small amount onto your cloth and rub it on your gold jewelry and clean them properly, also you can use ketchup to clean your silver jewelry. Take a dollop of ketchup on a tooth brush and scrub on your silver jewelry to scrub away the tarnish.

If you want to figure out that the pearls which you bought are a real on then go out in the sunlight and look at pearls in the sunlight if you see the variations in colors then the pearls are real and if you see a uniform color or no change in the color then the pearls are fake.

If you are packing you bag and there is a shortage of space then gently roll your cloths in order to have maximum space rather folding them and keeping.

If you have been wearing your shoe, bags and jackets lately a lot of time and they have started looking old? Then don’t worry brush them up wioth the little brush which we use for our teeth in the morning, so grab an unused brush and clean your stuff with the brush and throw it away after clean.

Now you can spray some vodka and clean your closet, take an amount of vodka and mix it with water. Pour it in a spray bottle and spray it on you cloths to remove bad odor and unwanted smell. Also good if you spray it on your jewelry.
Vaseline can help you solve a lot of problems, don’t trust me? Try it yourself when you want to unstick a zipper, remove light stains also can help you polish strains.

Try these hacks, hope this helps. Thank me later!

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