Astounding Ads that outline Feminism perfectly!

Woman plays a major role in our society; many of our goddess is Women. In India if you had enough of your television teaching you how to be a ‘woman’ and get it right? Do stereotypical ads make you cringe before they even begin? While Indian ads have continuously missed the mark on being progressive and sensitive, there have been those few which have given us the gift of sensitivity and sensibility. Yes, some of the ads are so sensible and on point that you would love to replay it again and again. This ad also teaches people to respect woman and not to take her behavior and her presence for granted. But it is sad at times that very few of us take in things and understand the real meaning behind the ads which are shown to us. Rather disrespecting women we all should respect her for who she is, and many of our Indian advertisements teaches us the same. If you have not noticed this yet then this is the time for you to notice these things and appreciate not only your woman but each woman you meet or greet. Check out these interesting ads from our Indian television.

Dabur Vatika Hair Oil

Beautifully depicted this advertisement is a thumb up for our society and specially people who are struggling from cancer, a horrible disease and for the survivors from this disease.


Titan Raga

Titan raga “woman of today” is a short story depicting a woman meeting her old lover. So, this also depicts how today’s woman are empowering the society and changing the thinking of the people around the world.

Havells Appliances Coffee maker

An interesting short ad which depicts that one cannot compare woman with a materialistic thing like coffee maker. So, time for the mothers to wake up and learn that the woman which would be marrying their daughter is not a non-living object. Respect women!


Havells Fans

This advertisement has a clear message for us as how we all need to change and stand for our woman and respect her completely.



Watch this magnificent ad which gives us a beautiful message on how we need a change in our society and woman also have equal right in the society.



Pregnancy does not make a woman handicapped and she can still do her duties, then why is that it becomes an obstacle in her career. This ad is one bold woman’s response to an issue that many Indian women face at their workplace.



This ad is just so inspirational for the men and women out there who think that getting married to a divorcee is completely wrong.

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