Are you still matching your jewellery to your dresses?


Gone are the days when people were all dressed up in a single color from head-to-toe. In this era of color blocked dresses and jewelry, are you still matching your jewelry to your clothes? Then, let me tell you, it’s a major faux pas that you’re committing. Let your jewelry stand out and speak for itself, don’t hide it by matching it’s color to your dress. Wear jewelry in contrasting colors to create a pleasing and trendy color blocked look.

Go for Metal Jewelry: The simplest way to create a contrast is to wear all metal jewelry. A simple all gold or silver necklace will add a visual appeal to your look without being over the top. If you’re wondering where to buy the jewelry, you can have a look at various Online Silver Jewelry Stores for various options available in silver jewelry.

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Create a Color Blocked look with Beaded Jewelry: Beaded jewelry is one of the least explored options when it comes to jewelry, but when worn right, beaded jewelry can do wonders to your outfit. You can create interesting outfits using beaded jewelry, experiment with different colors and textures of beaded jewelry.

Create Outfits around Colors: Choose three or four colors and create the entire outfit around them. For example, if you’re wearing a yellow top and blue jeans, then opt for a necklace in green, it will add a beautiful dimension to your look.

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You can easily shop for jewelry online, just make sure you select the Best Online Jewelry Store, which has good after sales service. So, in case you have any issues with the jewelry, you can easily exchange or return the jewelry.

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