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In India, wearing anklets was an imperative tradition. Anklets were usually worn by married women to indicate their marital status or wealth. In Tamil literature, an entire chapter is dedicated to this particular piece of jewelry. It tells about the story of an unfaithful husband who loses all his wealth in the love of a courtesan. When he returns, his wife gives him, her most prized possessions that were an anklet made with precious gems and stones. But he was accused by the royal family for stealing the anklet and was executed. The wife then burnt the whole city of Madurai to prove her husband’s innocence and injustice done to him.

So this fanciful story tells us about the history that anklets hold. In India, anklets are an important element of classical dances. Many classical forms like Kathakali, Bharatnatyam is incomplete without anklets or as they’re popularly called ghungroo in India. They generate a rhythmic tone when dancers dance. They have been around for thousands of years now and have evolved as a mini trend. Now girls and unmarried women sport this trend effortlessly. A dainty anklet like a ‘barely there chain’ is good for everyday wear. It brings out the elegance and feminity. If you are planning to go full traditional with lehengas and sarees, a thick anklet in gold with some kundan work is perfect.

Anklets Online Store india

Anklets are of different types- beaded and metal. is the best jewelry website from where you can buy designer jewelry and fashion accessories. Beaded Anklets are an instant upgrade if you want a spatter of color. They come in so many sizes and shapes that one can match with their outfit every day. This trend is perfect for spring summer. Summers are a time when hemlines go up and it’s time to flaunt those pedal pushers, dresses and ankle length pants. Toe Anklets are beach accessories and are so in right now. They look super pretty on pedicured feet. So next time you hit the beach, make sure you get a pair of these toe anklets! Metal anklets look ultra cool with cuffed up jeans. They look contemporary when paired with western clothing. One can make it more boho by adding little charms to it. At BlingStation, we give you a wide variety of anklets, designer, metal and beaded.

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