Adorbs teddy to make your teddy day a remarkable one!

Teddy day, one of the favorite days of ladies who just love these adorable pieces on earth. As valentine’s week has a special theme, each day for all of us! There are a lot of things in the bag for this valentine week. But today as we are celebrating teddy day, so we will just focus on how you can make this day a remarkable one for your loved one. Let us first know little bit about the teddy day as the word teddy bear was coined after former US president Theodore Roosevelt who was commonly addressed as ‘Teddy’! Yes, but it was only after a bear hunting incident in 1902 that the word became popular among the masses. Several cartoons appeared in the Washington Post following the incident were a black bear was hunted down and Roosevelt was asked to shoot it, which he declined. And with each cartoon, the bear got cuter and smaller. Morris Michtom and his wife saw these cartoons and invented the teddy bear soft toy we see today. They sent one to Roosevelt to seek permission to use his name and after getting an approval, put it up for sale as Teddy Bears. And these Teddy bear never goes out of fashion special on teddy day, this is the most supreme thing on the day and also the sale prices just rises a bit. So, keep a check on your pocket. Guys! Now, let me just offer you some options in teddy bear which your loved one would completely adore! Have a look:

A small teddy, which he/she can keep with himself/herself all the time and cherish it lifelong. This could be the most adorable one where you do not have to think a lot and who does not like these small cute stuffs. Plus it will be with you maybe like a key chain or in your bag, and you can always carry it wherever you want and whenever you miss him/her, you can take this cutie out and look at it hundred times.

Teddy on which he/she can sleep over, gift him/her a big teddy bear which he/she completely adores. Special woman, they love these cute stuffed toys which are big in sizes. Which she can hug when she misses you, kiss when she wants to cuddle a little. Like real Big! Just like these ones:

Also, you can look out for Panda Teddy bear, Yes! Panda glances teddy bear are so in trend now days that girls and boys completely love these panda teddies. As pandas and teddy bear both are the most adorable things on this planet. Well, if you do not know then let me tell you panda’s are cute animal look alike teddy bears just like “bear”! Well, yes! Have a look on these panda teddies, giving you Goosebumps.

You just cannot miss these teddy bears as they are completely adorable and are specially chosen for Valentine’s week for you so that you can show your loved one how cute and adorable they are for you and how much you love them. And I’m sure there is no other way you can express these things to them. So, start looking out for one before it is out of stock from everywhere.

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