9 Creative Ways to Wear Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry has a lot more to it than just fashion, you can use it intelligently to portray your personal style without spending too much on it. Always keep in mind, before buying jewelry, buy pieces that are versatile. You should also decide the budget first, as in how much money do you wish to spend. Then, let your wardrobe, lifestyle and personal tastes be the guide.


Following are some tips that will help you make wear and buy Fashion Jewelry in a better way:

  1. A brooch can prove to be the most useful piece in your jewelry collection. It can be used for a scarf to hold it in place, or a pocket for that little embellishment, or your collar for an added glamour.  It can also add a special statement to a belt, hat, or a handbag. Depending on the design, a brooch can be worn with casual clothes or an evening gown!
  2. Earrings can be your best piece of investment when it comes to jewelry as they have many uses. You can dress up your shoes, hat, or cuffs using the earring studs. You can also use your earrings in your hair.
  3. Rings tend to draw attention to your fingers. You can choose your rings according to your bone structure. Don’t go for statement earrings if your fingers are too skinny as they can make your fingers look weird.
  4. Long necklaces can be doubled up as bracelets or anklets. You can also wear them short by looping them or wear them long, just as they are.
  5. Jewelry, especially fashion jewelry, is an accent that draws the eye. A necklace or a pair earrings can draw the attention to your face. While, a ring or bracelet will draw attention to your beautifully manicured hands.
  6. If you desire to portray a particular image, you can use any particular to focus attention on your best features. Wearing too many statement pieces at once can cause the eye to wander around without gaining the effect you desire.
  7. Costume jewelry was specially created to add glamour to the wearer’s costume, no matter what the style of costume is. Just a dress, when combined with designer fashion jewelry becomes a fashion statement!
  8. Depending on your mood and the outfit, you can dress up or dress down. Always remember experiment is the key to achieving great looks. You can try rhinestones with denim or brooches on hats. No matter what your lifestyle is, costume jewelry can help you create your individual fashion statement.
  9. One of the major advantages of fashion jewelry is that it  comes in an endless list of materials like Gold, Sterling silver, Glass beads, Wood, or bone. Other materials like plastics such as celluloid, bakelite, Lucite Moonglow thermostat are also used to make jewelry.

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