5 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Own

Don’t we all want to own a perfect jewelry wardrobe? While jewelry choices usually vary according to personalities, there are some basic pieces every girl should own, regardless of her personality. In our quest for colorful accessories, Fashion Jewelry Online Store has become an integral part of our life, but heirloom quality fine jewelry has its own sweet importance.

5 must have Jewelry PiecesFollowing are such jewelry pieces every woman should own:

  • Stud Earrings : Be it pearl, diamonds or plain old gold buttons, stud earrings are a must have. They work for every occasion and complement any outfit. Stud earrings are something you’ll always need.
  • Cocktail Ring : Perfect for the oh-so-classy look! A cocktail ring, grabs attention, but still keeps the whole look understated. A good option is to buy a cocktail ring in your favorite gemstone or birthstone for a personalized look.
  • Classic Cuff : A cuff is a good way to add edginess and take away over-feminism from your look. Whenever you feel the look is too girly, add a cuff.
  • Pearl Necklace : Pearl is something that will probably never go out of trend. Your grandmother wore it, your mom wore it and someday, you will wear it too. Go for a string of freshwater pearls for that elegant look. The over sized pearl necklace is also making the rounds this season. Wear a bunch or a single string, a pearl necklace will never disappoint you.
  • Hoops : Though there is a lot of variety of hoops in the market, but the classic metal ones behold their charm regardless of the season or trends.


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