4 Tips to style Collar Necklaces

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Collar necklaces are enough when you wish to make a distinctive style statement. They are adorable, super chic and happening. They can make any outfit go from ‘blah’ to ‘WOW’. Imagine wearing a plain tee and jeans to dinner or a peppy event. Sounds boring, right? But add a collar necklace and you’re ready for any occasion. They add a dash of glamour to your otherwise dull outfits. Collar necklaces should be worn on outfits that don’t have a lot going on around the neck. Like a collar necklace on a top with frills or fall shirts will look over the top. These necklaces suit almost any woman and there’s a reason why I’m saying almost. I will flat out tell you that collars are not meant for women with short and round neck. Collar necklaces won’t look flattering on women with round face as it will shorten the neck and add width to the throat. V shaped necklaces adds length to round faces, so opt for necklaces that falls above the bust or hangs below the bust.

How to style Collar necklaces?

Over a button up shirt- Button up shirts is a wardrobe staple. Not only are they whole in themselves, but form a base to sport other trends as well. A bib collar necklace under a collared shirt looks absolutely sophisticated. Pull your hair back in a ballerina bun or a slightly messy bun and get ready to bag some really serious compliments.

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With high neck tees- Wear a collar necklace over a high neck t-shirt and make that look like a part of the tee. That will instantly add that much needed feminine touch to your look. A neutral tee plus a collar necklace turns it into an embellished top.

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With Scoop neck dresses – Liven up a scoop neck tee or a dress by throwing on a Peter Pan necklace. However avoid wearing peter pan necklaces with collared shirts. Collar over/under collar? TRAGIC!! In order to jazz up those scoop tees, huge round collar necklaces look best as they mimic the scoop neckline and covers the exposed neck area and adds the much needed style. 

Peter Pan collar necklace

With tube-tops- Tube tops or strapless dresses are all about drama. If you are feeling bold and daring, then pair a collar necklace with a tube top. It will frame your face. A jeweled collar necklace is a nice way to enhance a tube top or a sweetheart neckline.  

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