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May 2017

Why is your hair thinning?

There can be a lot of things because of which you might face an issue of hair thinning, this dilemma is seen oftenly amongst woman but men are also a part of it and face the same issues and problems! Hair loss in women is much more prevalent than you may think. Women have become experts at masking

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Everything about a Black diamond!

Black diamonds are one the most amazing and attractive gemstone of all, they are instant eye catcher and looks astounding on the wearer. But have we ever wondered that why black diamonds are so attractive? So many fine jewelry designers have been implementing black diamonds into their designs the

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Dress up your White-tee in style!

White is a color that goes well with anything you wear, also white is a color that fits very well in every accessory too! Be it shoes, loafers, tee, crop tops, jeggings, jeans, leggings and the list is endless. You can wear anything in this color and look sassy in a jiffy! People might think at times

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Mango is actually good for your skin!

In this scorching heat, who does not want to look good? Well, we all want to look amazing and look out for the best options and opt for expensive creams and treatment to remove that hyper pigmentation from our faces. Every girls dream is to look beautiful and have a clear acne free skin in which she

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Jaw-Dropping Mehendi Designs for the season!

Mehendi designs are something that is in for the season and each one of us adores them. I know all the woman out their loves putting mehendi on their hands, also there are a lot of amusing mehendi designs in the market. People are so creative these days that they are so talented that they can literally

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Ever seen a Princess as Beautiful as her?

Yes, we are not talking anyone other than Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The Bollywood diva that is counted as one of the most beautiful lady. She simply created a magical moment at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival as she made her way to the red carpet in a Cinderella-inspired ensemble.
She looked stunning

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