11 ways to Accessorize your Everyday Look Effortlessly



Accessorizing, if done right, can do wonders to your look! It is a skill that can be developed, all you need to do is experiment as much as you can.

Accessories are all about the little details that lend a depth to your look.

The following are some quick fixes for accessorizing it right, every single day:

  1. Always buy accessories in vibrant colors: You already have a neutral wardrobe, buy accessories in fun and vibrant colors to add a splash of colors to your collection, so that you can easily dress it up or dress it down according to the occasion.
  2. Never ignore the summer scarves: Summer scarves not only save you from the heat waves, they also add a style quotient to your look. If you don’t feel like wearing one, you can tie one to your handbag to spice up your look.
  3. Little details matter: Wear a broach, midi finger rings or nail rings to add little details to your look. These things add a little something to your look without overpowering your whole look.
  4. Ditch the matchy look: If you’ve been wearing a single color from head to toe, then you’re definitely committing a fashion blunder. Opt for contrasting colors that go well with each other to create a visually appealing look.
  5. Flat shoes are equally stylish: You cannot wear high-heeled shoes all the time, especially during the daytime when you have to do a lot of walking. Flat shoes can look equally stylish if combined well with the whole look.
  6. The Importance of Everyday Earrings: A girl should own a wardrobe full of earrings. They are the most common form of jewelry and the most wearable ones too. Whenever you’re in a hurry, earrings always come in handy. They’re also a great option for everyday wear.
  7. Add some dainty Little Jewelry: Dainty jewelry is a great option for everyday wear. Jewelry like a tiny pendant on a skinny chain or little drop earrings are a great option to wear to work without making it look over the top.
  8. Layering is your best friend: Be it clothes of jewelry, layering is always a great option. It’s also a nice way to recycle your accessories. Wear two or more necklaces together to give your old necklaces an all new look.
  9. Choose the Right Bag: Like dresses, there’s also a different bag for every occasion. A tote that works well for work may not be equally good to go to a party. Always carry a bag that matches the occasion.
  10. Don’t forget the Hair Accessories: Hair accessories are as important as the other accessories. They also keep the bad hair days at a bay. Say hello to good hair day every day with cool hair accessories.
  11. Develop a Signature Style: Don’t let all the points mentioned above limit you from experimenting and developing your own style. Work around with the basics and develop your very own signature style.

Keep watching this space for more style tips.

Until next time, Keep it Blingy!

Team Blingstation

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